About us




Hi, we are Spalneo, the reservation system and marketing platform for spa, wellness and beauty services. Through our work, Spalneo helps spa and wellness centres to attract a new generation of customers.

We realised that a unique wealth of our region – hidden below the Earth’s surface in a form of thermal waters – is little known to people abroad. Locals, on the other hand, visit spa centres mainly to cure their illnesses. And that is why we aim to bring a fresh generation of millennials to a traditional spa sector while using modern technologies.

Our goal is to help you search for spa centres in Central Europe based on your health indications as easily as you call a taxi or book a plane ticket.

Our generation is accustomed to the use of technologies in our everyday lives, it aims at healthy lifestyle and seeks relax and sport activities. It simply wants to feel good. Which is not only about good physical conditions, but also about the beauty of the body.

And so we started to work on a recipe that will allow you to search for and book spa and wellness trips; beauty services and sport activities easily, effortlessly, but mainly quickly. 

We aim at becoming your favourite destination if you need to book a hairdresser appointment, massage, yoga class or simply to look for a weekend at a spa or wellness hotel.

Spalneo is much more that just a reservation system. We are a place to “check-in” for your future blog inspirations, new photos for your Instagram account, or a new status for your Facebook page.