Frequently asked questions - accommodation providers




What are the advantages of cooperation with Spalneo?

Thanks to Spalneo, you become visible to thousands of customers longing for rest and relax. Spalneo will allow you to gain better control of your capacities - you determine free dates, to which new groups of customers, that have not been approached until now, can respond. Your current customers will also welcome a new possibility to order your service – irrespective of their current location, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Manage the offer of your Services more efficiently
  • Increase your profits be improving utilisation thanks to the 24/7 online availability of reservations
  • Approach a new target group of customers
  • Use the possibility to promote free capacities at lower prices
  • Build an online reputation also with reviews from satisfied customers.

How to carry out the registration?

  • Fill in the contact form on the website in the section dedicated to accommodation providers.
  • You will be contacted by our sales representative with whom you will sign the Service Agreement.
  • Subsequently, our customer team can start to fill in the profile and prepare the offer of your Services based on the information provided by you.

What images should I use?

Photographic documentation is a tremendously important part of your presentation on Spalneo. We recommend that you choose such images that will provide an overall and real picture of both the interior and exterior of your facility – please keep in mind that the images can be the decisive factor whether the customer decides to use your services.

When will my facility be displayed on the website?

We endeavour to ensure the highest possible quality of presentation of your facility and services; therefore, after all necessary information has been filled in, we reserve a short period of time to fine-tune your offer. The way the information is displayed on the website depends on the complete processing of your information by our customer service centre - normally, this takes 2 to 3 working days.

How do I ascertain the amount of the commission I have to pay for the reservation?

The amount of the commission depends on the agreed contract terms. Settlement of accounts will take place once a month for the preceding calendar month based on the documents and information on the Spalneo Platform. Spalneo will prepare the settlement of accounts and send it to the Partner on the 4th day of next calendar month at the latest. It is the Partner’s duty to confirm the correctness of the sent documents, within 7 days after they have been received. Based on the approved documents, Spalneo will issue confirmation of settled payments and the invoice for the commissions on the 14th day of the next calendar month at the latest.

Do I have to confirm all my reservations?

If connected online, additional confirmation of capacity is not necessary because the reservation is automatically entered into the reservation system.

If connected offline, we will contact you by phone to be able to confirm with the customer his reservation without delay. To cover these cases, it is very important that when entering information, you enter the phone number together with the time range during which we can contact you. If you are not able to confirm the reservation due to capacity reasons, we recommend that you inform us of an adequate replacement (e.g. the nearest available time) that we will then offer to the customer.

Are there any restrictions regarding the price of the published services that would affect me?

Spalneo has no ambition to operate as a discount portal and no intention to interfere with your pricing policy. However, we would appreciate it if the prices of the published services were cheaper than those of comparable services that you publish via other sales channels.

However, to make the provision of our services efficient, it is important (and we will insist on it) that the services provided via our portal are not offered at prices that are higher than the prices listed in your standard price list.

What if the customer cancels the reservation?

Our objective is to connect the interests of customers and our partners. Therefore, we have prepared balanced cancellation conditions that will apply to services offered via our Spalneo portal.

We allow customers to change their mind and cancel the reservation free of charge within 48 hours after the accommodation has been reserved, unless other cancellation conditions are provided in the selected offer (e.g. in the case of discounted offers). If the reservation is cancelled at a later time, the cancellation fees set out in the relevant offer apply; it is also possible to find a replacement customer.

Our objective is to provide the customers with sufficient flexibility in using the services, but at the same time we want to protect our partners against the clients’ lack of discipline. Therefore, we apply the 100% cancellation fee if the customer has not shown up for the reserved time (the so-called NO SHOW).

Generally, if the reservation is cancelled free of charge, you pay no commission. If the reservation is cancelled at the moment when cancellation fees apply, the partner becomes entitled to the payment of the amount equal to the cancellation fee. The amount of the commission will be calculated from the total amount of the cancellation fee.

Please note that depending on the type, time and place of the provision of service, different cancellation condition of the reservation, specified by applicable law valid at the place where the service has been provided, may apply.

How will the customer pay for the reserved service?

The customer pays for the service at the moment of creation of the reservation and it will execute the payment via our operator of the payment platform.

We will release the money to our partners after the relevant service has been provided (or after the cancellation fee has been applied) based on the monthly settlement of accounts for the preceding month. The date of the taxable supply will determine the date of settlement of accounts.

Who issues the taxable supply document?

Even though the customer pays for the service via Spalneo, the document of the provided taxable supply (the so-called receipt or invoice) is always issued by the partner after the service has been provided under the applicable law.

If circumstances arise that create the entitlement to the cancellation fee vis-à-vis the customer, the document of the provided taxable supply is not issued and Spalneo sends a notice of cancellation fee application to the contacts of the customer.

Is registration on Spalneo really free of charge?

When registering on Spalneo, you pay no entry registration fee. You pay only for utilised reservations, the contractually agreed total amount of the reservation.

How can I end my cooperation with Spalneo?

If you decide to end your cooperation with us, it is sufficient to mail us a written notice. The notice period is 2 months and begins on the 1st day of the next calendar month.

Can I cooperate also with other portals providing similar services?

We would really appreciate it if you were our exclusive partner, but we do not insist on it. We hope that the quality of our services will persuade you that it makes real sense to be a partner of Spalneo.

Can I respond to a customer rating with which I disagree?

Of course. As a supplier of a reviewed service, you may respond to positive as well as negative ratings. We recommend that you use this tool as a platform for open and transparent communication. Reviews often decide whether the customer visits the relevant facility - correct and professional response to a review may be of much help in this respect.

How does the “total score” of a facility work?

After utilising a reserved service, each customer is invited to rate the service. Our objective is that the reviews are unbiased. Therefore, to display information on the total score of satisfaction, it is necessary to obtain a certain minimum number of reviews.

For this information to reflect the current situation at your facility, we only consider a certain time frame when calculating the total score. Since the ratings are accessible only by customers who really visited your facility, the reviews are of high information value for your potential customers and at the same time they are an incentive to improve your offer.

What shall I do if the customer complains about the level of the provided services?

Customer complaints are to be handled by the supplier. This manner of communication of problem situations gives you the highest possible rate of control over how the relevant situation is resolved, having the customer satisfaction in mind. The decision to (not) accept the claim of the customer as well as the amount of the granted compensation lies fully within your authority.

The reason the customer is unhappy is oftentimes the difference between his expectations and reality – therefore, we recommend that you pay adequate attention to stating accurate and up-to-date information on the provided services, part of which is also the photographic documentation corresponding with the reality.

A “replacement” arrived instead of the customer indicated in the reservation. How should I proceed?

Such a situation may take place if the ordering party could not use the service due to objective reasons and decided to pass the reservation to a third party. In this case, time, type and scope of service remain unchanged.

Effective from August 22, 2018