Central European thermal spas need younger generation of clients

Clients in our industry are growing old: thermal spa and wellness hotels fail to attract the new generation. Spalneo promotes the wellness and thermal spa industry and attracts the young urban generation to these facilities.

Tradition meets online world

We are linking the world of thermal spas and modern technologies of the 21st century. Spalneo will help you attract the young urban generation – including those who are young-spirited.

Online booking portal

Spalneo is a complex search and booking portal offering accommodation capacities at spa hotels based on customers’ health condition or issues they need to heal. Our aim is to help visitors choose the right spa facility based on their health issues.

New marketing channel – for free!

We send your potential clients regular and relevant marketing emails. Clients can make their next reservation at your facility.

Spalneo helps spas, wellness and beauty service providers to gain a new generation of customers

Benefits of Spalneo Business

1. Make yourself more visible

Every fifth Slovak and Hungarian book their holidays and accommodation online. Spalneo will make you more visible and attractive to younger generation.

2. Tailor-made spa holiday

With Spalneo, clients can choose a spa holiday based on their health condition thanks to a simple online tool.

3. Boost your occupancy rate and revenue

Thanks to Spalneo, you will attract new groups of clients, especially the well-off generation of young people. Spalneo will help you modify accommodation rates flexibly and fill up your spare capacity in low seasons.

4. Easy sync with your existing reservation system

will link Spalneo to your existing platform and it will serve as a new marketing channel.

5. Services even for visitors not staying at the hotel

If there is a wellness center in your hotel, you can offer your services even for visitors not staying overnight. See our package for wellness center (a separate registration is necessary, as accommodation capacity management differs from wellness reservation management).

How to start using Spalneo Business

If you are a hotel/spa facility with accommodation capacities

  1. Please complete our contact form.
  2. Our representative will get back to you and visit you in person to discuss details of cooperation.
  3. After an agreement is signed, we will create your Spalneo profile and launch joint marketing campaigns.

Do you have any questions or need help with registration?